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The Pop Artists Notebook Set

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3 Notebooks celebrating 3 Pop Art Thinkers
Each notebook carries an introduction to a great Pop Artist on the inside front page, their name beautifully printed on the cover - and is otherwise empty for your own projects.
Pop-Artists featured in these notebooks: Warhol, Caulfield, Lichtenstein
Pop Art emerged in Britain and the UK at the end of the 1950s.
It wanted to connect art to the ordinary objects of everyday life and with the images of commercial culture.
Comics, adverts, mainstream films and television shows were – traditionally – regarded as vulgar and as unworthy of notice by serious, elite artists.
Pop Art recognised that they could be charming, beautiful or even quite moving.
It started from the generous, democratic insight that the ideas we need might turn up in surprising places.
Contemplating the label of a tin of soup can be a profound experience.
An image in a comic book might touch us as deeply as the most prestigious works of literature.
The ordinary is honoured, as it always should be.
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A set of three paper-bound notebooks
125 x 178mm with yellow contrast stitch
plain, grid and lined paper (one of each): 64pp.