Large oakwood tobacco hobo

Oakwood & Tobacco Hobo Candle - Medium Jar



Oakwood and Tobacco
A warm blend of smoky oakwood and musky tobacco. A new favourite!
Simple and classic in design to complement your home, making any room feel cosy & relaxed.

180ml brown glass jar with lid
Approximately 35 hours burn time
Size of glass jar - 6.7cm diameter, 8.2cm height
Instructions for Use
For best results when lighting for the first time, allow wax to melt to the sides of the jar, ensuring a consistent burn.
Maximum recommended burn time is 4 hrs per burn. Always trim wick after each burn to 1/8 inch by breaking or cutting off the burnt ends when cool.
Natural unbleached cotton wick, Soy wax & Essential Oils
Simply packaged in a handy gift box, perfect as a ready made gift!
Made by hand by Hobo & Co Candles in Lincolnshire